Horse Drawn Carriage Delivering Holiday Wreaths in Downtown & Old Town on 11/26

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling as the horses clop the streets of Downtown and Old Town Tuesday morning. The Big Foot Thunder red hitch wagon, pulled by Turbo and Lightning, Shire draft horses, driven by owner Larry O. Doss, will be making its way through Eureka's core area beginning about 10:30 a.m. on G Street between 6th and 7th Streets. The team, will be making stops along the way to deliver fresh wreaths to businesses as it heads to the gravel lot at First and C Streets. 
Ming Tree Realty and Eureka Main Street partnered to kick off the holiday season with something different. "We wanted to start a tradition that would create excitement for locals and visitors to our area", explained Doss, who also owns Ming Tree Realty.  "For a couple of years now, I have had this idea of having trees delivered the old fashion way, before cars, and Christmas tree lots existed. I reached out to Charlotte McDonald, Executive Director of Eureka Main Street, and she pointed out trees would be too big to fit in stores, but wreaths would work."
"Over 50 businesses were eager to participate", exclaimed McDonald. "For 24 years, families have watched Santa make his way through the District, on a shiny fire truck the day after Thanksgiving, courtesy of Humboldt Bay Fire. Now, just before Thanksgiving we have another unique and fun way to engage the community in the holiday spirit.
"The magnificent Shire horse is best known for its height and strength, holding records for being the strongest, largest horse in the world. In the days before machinery became the workhorse of agriculture and industry, the Shire was well known for its immense pulling power. Now that the horsepower of draft horses is no longer required, the Shire has landed on the lists of endangered livestock breeds in the U.K., U.S., and Canada. It is estimated that fewer than 100 Shire horses remain in Canada, and the breed is on the ciritical list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy," Cass Doss, co-owner and wife of Larry, shared. 
Students of Eureka High School's FFA program will be assisting Doss in the deliveries on Tuesday. "This is also a fundraiser for Eureka High School's FFA program," McDonald noted. "The businesses purchased the wreaths, and monies raised  will be donated to the program. For Main Street it is so important that we are able demonstrate the importance of shopping  small, local businesses. They truly are the backbone of a community as unique as Eureka." 
These are the locations that will be receiving a wreath:
Abraxas Shoes and Leather - 615 5th Street
Art Center Frame Shop - 616 2nd Street
Belle Starr - 405 2nd Street
Booklegger - 402 2nd Street
Buzzards Nest - 420 2nd Street
Canvas + Clay Gallery - 233 F Street
Chance for Change - 525 2nd Street, #213
Ciara's Irish Shop - 334 2nd Street
Couture - 235 F Street
Enriching Lives - 325 2nd Street,  #103
Eureka Chamber of Commerce - 612 G Street, #101
Eureka Rubber Stamp - 520 F Street
Gallagher’s Irish Pub - 139 2nd Street
Good Relations - 223 2nd Street
Humboldt Cider - 517 F Street
Humboldt Herbals - 300 2nd Street
Humboldt Republic - 535 4th Street
Imagine - 523 F Street
Jusy My Type - 501 3rd Street
Land of Lovely - 127 F Street
Lotus Studio - 630 2nd Street
Madrone Taphouse & Brick Fire Pizza - 421 3rd Street
Ming Tree Realtors - 509 J Street
NCIDC American Indian Art & Gift Shop - 241 F Street
North Coast Dance - 426 F Street
Oberon Grill - 516 2nd Street
Old Town Antique Lighting - 203 F Street
Old Town Art Gallery - 417 2nd Street
Old Town Coffee & Chocolates - 211 F Street
Oscar Larsen & Associates  - 317 3rd Street, Suite E
Proper Wellness Center - 517 5th Street
Ramone's Bakery - 240 E Street
Redwood Capital Bank – 402 G Street
Redwood Discovery Museum - 612 G Street, #102
Scott Hammond State Farm Insurance - 537 7th Street
Scrappers Edge - 728 4th Street
Shipwreck - 430 3rd Street
Soul to Soul Spa - 601 5th Street
Stonesthrow Boutique - 326 2nd Street
Surfside Burger Shack - 445 5th Street
The Spa at Personal Choice - 130 G Street
Treasures by the Bay - 213 F Street

Eureka Main Street | 525 2nd Street, #105 | 442-9054 

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