About us

Eureka Main Street, an accredited National Main Street program, began in 1992 as a public-private partnership between the Redevelopment Agency and the Downtown and Old Town merchants. The area served includes the forty-nine blocks between A and I Streets, and the Waterfront to Eighth Street. The Eureka Main Street program is administered and managed by the City of Eureka with a team of Economic Development professionals serving merchants, professionals, and various community organizations within the district.

Businesses within the Eureka Main Street district also belong to the Eureka Business Improvement District Association (EBIDA). The Business Improvement District (BID) formed in 1983 when the majority of businesses in Downtown and Old Town agreed to an annual assessment to fund local projects. BID assessments are based on location, the type of businesses, and the number of employees. BID assessments are collected by the City of Eureka with the annual business license fee. The Eureka Main Street Board of Directors is responsible for deciding how the BID assessment are to be spent.
People representing diverse public and private groups: united to make the historic heart of Eureka economically and culturally vital, clean, and safe. A friendly place to work, live, play, and shop; today and always.
IMPROVE the business climate of Eureka.

STRENGTHEN and expand existing businesses and recruit appropriate new businesses.

ENCOURAGE the restoration and preservation of Downtown and Old Town’s unique historic buildings.

PROVIDE a fun and exciting atmosphere through periodic special events.

MAINTAIN partnerships with organizations throughout the community.

PROMOTE an appealing image of Downtown and Old Town.

WORK with law enforcement regarding issues that impact the business district.