Poetry Reading Fundraiser at Siren's Song Tavern

Date: Friday January 17th 7 p.m.

Jerry Martien (Humboldt County Poet Laureate)
David Holper (Eureka Poet Laureate)
Laura Montagna (reading poems from Pelican Bay State Prison as well as her students in the Humboldt County Jail)
Wil Gibson (who also teaches poetry in the Humboldt County Jail)
T.William Wallin

The Poetry Reading Fundraiser is hosted by Humboldt State University's Formerly Incarcerated Students Club to raise awareness and funds of our 5-day event Reentry Forum: Let’s Talk About Mass Incarceration from February 3-7.

Chicano-American Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca will be one of our keynote speakers for our event and this poetry reading is to advertise his visit through community gathering and reading.
Our goal is to provide support for students and community members who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and  provide education around transforming the system, inform our university and community on the pervasiveness of the criminal punishment system in our everyday lives, and build support in reversing the school to prison pipeline. Attendees of our February 3-7 Reentry Forum will receive resources pertaining to record expungement, child custody, licensing, and other tools that help folks with the re-entry process.

We are asking for donations for this event and anything helps our cause. There is nothing too big or too small. If you cannot donate please still come and listen to poetry!

The Siren's Song Tavern | 325 2nd Street, Eureka | 442-8778

Friday, January 17, 2020 - 7:00pm