December Arts Alive

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Presented by Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and performances are held the first Saturday of each month. For more information, call 442-9054 or go to   

BRENDA TUXFORD GALLERY at Ink People 525 Seventh St. 40th year with a celebration of local artists and their industrious creativity in "Artists' Challenge 2019."  Create 15 original works of art in just one month. Over 250 pieces of original art are expected.  “Off the Wall”, fundraiser, curator Kati Texas. Each artist chose one of four sizes, and made all of their entries in that size. Each size sells for a set price between $20 and $75. A piece of each sale goes to support the Ink People’s community art projects and free programs for at-risk youth.  
HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda: Music by Squeezebug, Lorna and Stephen Brown, gyspy jazz, bistro music, French waltzes, Cumbias, and Brazilian Choros William Thonson Gallery: “Through the Humboldt Fog: Atmospheric Watercolors of the North Coast Landscape”, Jim McVicker, Steve Porter, Jody Bryan, Ken Jarvela, and Paul Rickard, Humboldt Open Air Watercolor Painters, have banded together to create a unique school of atmospheric watercolor painting. Anderson Gallery & Knight Gallery HAC Members Exhibition Annual member juried show with eclectic artwork. Floyd Bettiga Gallery: “We All Bleed”, Natalie Craig, series of mixed media pieces presented at the III Sympsosium Books, Travels, and Travelers: “Vlad Tepes Dracula and a Discourse on Blood” at Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania June 24-28, 2019. Homer Balabanis Gallery/Humboldt Artist Gallery: Unique, original gifts. Museum Store/Permanent Collection: Artwork on view by Morris Graves, Glenn Berry, Melvin Schuler and Romano Gabriel.
REDWOOD DISCOVERY MUSEUM 612 G St. Kids Alive! 5-8 p.m.
REDWOOD ART ASSOCIATION 603 F St. “Artist’s Choice”, a wide variety of media shown by members of RAA. Music by Humboldt Accordionaires, playing classical, country, and everything joyous in between.
DALIANES TRAVEL 522 F S. Robert Lopez, paintings of Hawaii, the North Coast and floral still life. Music by Wynsome Winds.
EUREKA RUBBER STAMP 520 F Street Christian Gabriel Gonzalez, charcoal, canvas, drawings, and paintings. Coffee, homemade hot chocolate, and “REINDEER POOP” (Muddy Buddy’s 11 months of the year).
HUMBOLDT CIDER CO. TAP ROOM 517 F St. Melissa Reneski, handmade jewelry, inspired by scenery of the West and include elements of stone and ore. Other materials include brass, gold, gemstones, and seed beads. Unique pieces, for that special someone in your life.
REDWOOD MUSIC MART 511 F St. Music by Tatiana Henrickson.
OM SWEAT OM HOT YOGA & DANCE 516 Fifth St. “I See You”, Tisha Cooper, oil on canvas, and acrylic on canvas.
PROPER WELLNESS CENTER 517 Fifth St. Collection of local artists.
ARKLEY CENTER OF THE PERFORMING ARTS 412 G St. “Celestial Celebrations”, Eureka Symphony. Go to for more information.
SURFSIDE BURGER SHACK 445 Fifth St.  Hosting an evening with Humboldt Educare, childrens’ art and photography highlighting PLAY BASED learning in action, by students enrolled in the program. Plus they will be available to sign up runners, secure sponsors, or accept donations for the 4th Annual UGLY SWEATER RUN. This is H.E.’s only fundraiser and all proceeds will go to supplementing their building/facility fund. The run will take place at the Arcata Marsh on Sunday Dec 15th! H.E. is the only private, non-profit child care center in Humboldt County, serving local families for over 30 years in three locations. They are blessed to rent space at North Coast Children's Services, but since their inception in 1979, have been dreaming of having their own site to offer high-quality, state of the art, PLAY BASED learning for our children!  
SOULSHINE ARTS & FLAMEWORKING STUDIO 411 Fifth St. Marble classes and live demos on the torches.
SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering 401 Fifth St. “E² Founders Show”, Donovan Clark, Rachel Grusin, Jeremy Hara, and Forest Stearns.
CHERI BLACKERBY MUSEUM 272 C St. Annual Holiday Sale!! The once time of the year we open our portfolio archives to the public to share and sell the artwork created by all of the artists of The Studio.
NORTH OF FOURTH Third and C Streets.  TBD
C STREET STUDIOS & HALL GALLERY 208 C St. Studio artists.
SAILOR’S GRAVE TATTOO 138 Second St. Tattoo related art, antiques and memorabilia, new works.
LIVELLA STUDIO MUSIC PRODUCTION & ART GALLERY 120 Second St. The Prairie Companion, crystals, gems, and reusables, Katrina Godsil, artworks and sculptures, and The Asteroid Advocate, artworks. 
PHATSY KLINE’S PARLOR LOUNGE 139 Second St.(inside Inn at 2nd and C Sts.) Sit Back & Relax
INN AT 2nd AND C (Historic Eagle House) Ballroom: “Transcendental Illumination”, Wrenna Monet, paintings in acrylic and oils.
707 BAR First and C Streets. Barry Evans photography. Music by Dr. Squid.
MENDENHALL STUDIOS 215 C St. (Corner of Second and C Streets) Studio C2: udio C3 Scott Hemphill: “Recap 2019 – One Year One Night” artwork, sculptures, sketches, and more. Studio D1 Studio D2 Rachel Schlueter: Kathy O’Leary, artwork. Studio D3 MENDINALL STUDIOS Art Community Kinetic Clubhouse
CHAPALA CAFE 201 Second St. Kylan Luken, photography.
GOOD RELATIONS 223 Second St. Bianca Lago, paintings.
HUMBOLDT HERBALS 300 Second St. Reuben T. Mayes, abstract expressionist works, acrylic on canvas. Music by Back Seat Drivers.
SIREN’S SONG TAVERN 325 Second St. Alan Grizzell, artwork. Music by King Range, and Graeme.
BLUE OX BOUTIQUE 325 Second St., Suite 105 TBD
TULIP PERFUME 339 Second St. LEEF Organics CBD, and customer appreciation specials.
STONESTHROW BOUTIQUE 326 Second St.  Music by Sundays Forever.
OTTO +OLIVE 330 Second St. Angela Tellez, boudoir photography.
CIARA’S IRISH SHOP 334 Second St. Paul Dixon, photography.
CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 240 E St. NEW PERMANENT EXHIBITION Gun Hall: Museum’s collection of historic firearms and weapons opens. Main Hall: Humboldt Homebrewers and Distillers Night, tastings. Whiskey in the Walls: Law and Disorder In Humboldt County 1920-1933”, stories of how prohibition here took a life of its own, corruption, smuggling, bootlegging, and distilling. Native American Wing: Shirley Laos, Native American basket weaving demonstrations. Women’s Ceremonial Dresses: Then and Now”, 150 years of dressmaking for ceremony in local tribes. From Clarke and community collections. “When Designs Escaped Baskets”, focuses on visual language of basket designs of the Hupa, Karuk, Wiyot, and Yurok tribes. Victorian Room: “Victorian Weddings”, explores the Victorian roots that influence modern American traditions, with a holiday theme this month. Art Wall: “Victorian Hobbies: Hair Art”, a confluence of artwork and commemorative works that remember family members who have passed or to document family trees. “Chinese Expulsion”, photos and maps of Chinatown immediately after Chinese expulsion. Opera Alley: Basket and quilt designs, a pairing of photos related to the coming basketry designs exhibit and quilt squares drawn by visitors and participants engaging with the “Sewing Circles” exhibit.
EUREKA VISITOR’S CENTER (inside the Clarke) 240 E St. Music by Company of Voices.
STUDIO 424 424 Third St. Elaina Erola, watercolors.
NOTHING OBVIOUS 426 Third St. “collect/hoard discern/respons”, Anna Sofia Amezcua and Jenna Catsos, new works on paper.
SHIPWRECK! Vintage and Handmade 430 Third St. Gus Clark, paintings.
THE CONNECTION at HPRC 334 F St. “Lost Coast Wall Sculpture Series”, Peter Zappel, mixed media. Hosting “Growing Your Food Business Launch”, meet and taste Humboldt’s new food businesses as they share their products with the public for the first time. Presented by North Coast Small Business Development Center and Humboldt Made.
HUMBOLDT COUNTY DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS 527 Fourth St. “White Mountains of California”, Bob and Pam Service, photos of the remarkable, ancient, Britstlecone Pines. These pines are older than the redwoods, one specimen is 5,069 years old, and is the oldest know individual tree in the world. Art Of Dialogue “Schools and Communities First” initiative by Kathryn Donahue at 7 p.m.
THE MADRONE BRICK FIRE PIZZA & TAPHOUSE 421 Third St. Jocelyn Ayala. Music by Surya.
RAMONE’S BAKERY 209 E St. Employee Art Show, a variety of artwork by our talented staff.
BOOKLEGGER 402F St. Art of the Written Word.
TRUCHAS GALLERY at Los Bagels 403 Second St. TBD
BELLE STARR CLOTHING 405 Second St. Planned Parenthood Northern California pouring wine. Music by Jim Silva and Johnny Myers,  with special guest Jim Hatchimonji.
OLD TOWN SQUARE Second and F Sts. Humboldt County Correctional Facility Second Annual Holiday Art Contest. Up to 6 dorms (40 to 70 inmates per dorm) have created artwork on 2x2 pieces of primed plywood. The community voting begins during Arts Alive and continues through December. You can also vote on the Humboldt County Sheriff’s FB page.
SUMMIT FUNDING 108 F St. Photos with Santa, refreshments.
OLD TOWN ART GALLERY (on the Gazebo) 417 Second St. Featured artist Julie Cairns.
KENNY’S CHOCOLATE  425 Snug Alley Rob Hampson, artwork.
ARTS AND DRAFTS 422 First St. Kathleen Bryson, artwork.
WHIPLASH CURVE 423 First St. Second annual Holiday Artisan Marketplace, featuring handmade clothing, ceramics, apothecary, woodwork, watercolor, and more from local artisans.
THE LITTLE SHOP OF HERS 416 Second St. “Pop Art”, Elizabeth Thompson.
EUREKA FABRICS 412 Second St. Meet and Greet Cliff Berkowitz.
BUZZARDS NEST ANTIQUES & UNIQUES 420 Second St. Ellen Engels, upcycled vintage glassware.
EUREKA BOOKS 426 Second St. “Soldiers Unknown”, author Chag Lowry, book signing, and “ Ka’m-t’em: A Journey Toward Healing”,  authors Kishan Lara-Cooper and Walter J. Lara Sr. Both books feature indigenous peoples and stories from the Klamath River. 
MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 Second St. Over 40 local artists.
SEAMOOR’S 212 F St. Vintage paint by numbers and shellac art.
AMERICAN INDIAN ART AND GIFT SHOP 245 F St. Chochise Nez, artwork.
CANVAS + CLAY GALLERY 233 F St. Annual Holiday Sales!! The one time of the year we open our portfolio archives to the public to share and sell the artwork created by the artists of the Studio. 
HUMBOLDT BAY COFFEE Opera Alley Gallery Reuben T. Mayes, artwork. Music by Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers.
TREASURES BY THE BAY 213 F S. On site art demonstrations. Michael Cowan, hand knife-cut inlaid wood paintings; Ryan Johnson, photography; Torie, paintings; Live music. Treasures by the Bay is a Veteran owned business. 
OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Catherine Wilkes, photography. Music by Jim Lahman Band.
OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING 203 F St. John Palmer, landscape paintings.
LANDVEST 123 F St., Suite C (upstairs) Now open in the former Richard Daly Law Offices.
RESTAURANT 511 511 Second St. “Water Elements”, Peggy Ho, photography.
BANDIT SAVORY & SWEET 525 Second St. Melanie Matteoli, artwork, and special Holiday Craft Vendors. Music by Sway Sisters and the Soft Opening, festive music.
CARL’S CAR WORLD 212 G St. Automotive art and design works.
SYNAPSIS NOVA 212 G St. Augustus Clark, artwork. “Winter Wonderland” aerial show 9 p.m.
JUST MY TYPE LETTERPRESS PAPERIE 501 Third St. “MoKu Hanga”, Erik Eustis, traditional Japanese woodblock prints
A TASTE OF BIM 613 Third St. Maggie Draper, artwork.
PIANTE 620 Second St. “Water and Power”, Becky Evans and Jerry Martien. This is the last show for Piante.
LOTUS STUDIO 630 Second St. “Play with Clay”, throw on the wheel for 5 minutes free!
HUMBOLDT YOGA 216 J St. “Libra Sun”, Steph Godfrey, “Fluffy Felines in Fantastic Yoga Poses, Mathew Divas.
ADORNI CENTER 1011 Waterfront St. Paul Rickard and Barbara Saul, artwork.

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Saturday, December 7, 2019 - 6:00pm