About Us

The Eureka Main Street program began in 1992 as a public-private partnership between the Redevelopment Agency and the Downtown and Old Town merchants. The area served includes the forty-nine blocks between A and I Streets,

The Eureka Main Street program is governed by a Board of Directors representing merchants, professionals, the City of Eureka, and various community organizations.

A full-time, professional staff manages the day-to-day operations of the programs. Eureka Main Street promotes the unique character of Eureka’s Core Business District. The District is a magnet. Specialty shopping and distinguished restaurants draw locals and visitors from throughout the region.

Eureka Main Street provides the following services to its members and the community at large:.

  • Advocates on behalf of business and property owners and business tenants on issues such as seismic strengthening of buildings, sign and other building codes, zoning issues and parking requirements.
  • Serves as a liaison between business and property owners and the City of Eureka to find solutions to development problems.
  • Maintains an email system to notify businesses of bad checks, shoplifters, upcoming events, and other important information.
  • Sponsors special events to bring new customers and customer groups into Downtown and Old Town
  • Promotes the District through various media.
  • Provides education on business-related topics through workshops, guest speakers, and emails.
  • Provides consultations, information, and referrals to new and existing businesses.
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter.​


Libbey Eastteam, President                                              
Eureka Rubber Stamp Co.                                                           
520 F Street                                                                          
Term Renews July 2022
Kenny Buntin, Vice President
Kenny’s Chocolates
425 Snug Alley, Suite B/(707)445-8015
Term Renews July 2023
Dan Marchetti, Treasurer/Secretary
Rendezvous Music & Vending
106 G Street/(707)599-9780
Term Renews July 2022
Leslie Castellano, City Council Liaison
212 G Street/(707)616-3104
Term Renews January 2022

Steven Bryan
707 Bar
200 1st Street/(707)696-6665
Term Renews July 2023
Greg Gehr
Northern CA Indian Development Council
241 F Street/(707)445-8451
webmaster@ncidc.org / greg@ncidc.org
Term Renews July 2023
Larry Doss, At Large
Ming Tree Realty
509 J Street/(707)445-4500
Term Renews July 2023
Charlotte McDonald, Advisory/At Large   


Design Committee 
3rd Wed. of the Month | 10:00 a.m. | EMS Office 
Activities focus on improving the physical appearance of EMS district including streetscapes and landscapes, historic building rehabilitation and adaptive use.

Promotion Committee 
3rd Tues. of the Month | 5:30 p.m. | EMS Office
Activities include marketing, media campaigns, street festivals, parades, retail or other special events.

Economic Vitality Committee
2nd Thurs. of the Month | 8:00 p.m. | EMS Office
Activities include providing a balanced commercial mix, supporting and expanding existing businesses, recruiting new businesses, supporting housing options, developing infill space and converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive property.

Board Meeting 
Last Wed. of the Month | 8:00a.m. | EMS Office